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We’re building a bakery and mill from scratch in Lafayette, Colorado and following the stories of a growing community of farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, brewers, distillers, researchers, advocates, and eaters to raise awareness of their efforts and to regrow regional grain economies

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By Paul Bonneville
posted March 13th, 2023
By Paul Bonneville
posted March 5th, 2023

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News, information and inspiration from the baking industry and grain chain organizations across the country.
Home is where the bread is...
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"The Mill Makes Us Manresa Bread"
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“It doesn't look like much…” - Jones Farms Organics
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Meet the Midwestern Bakers and Farmers Working to Rebuild a Local Grainshed
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Ardent Mills survey finds major consumer interest in ancient grains
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PBS12 Presents: Farm to Faucet
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Posted September 25, 2022 10:27 pm by Paul Bonneville
Cultivation Station podcast: Colorado Grain Chain
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Douglas County commissioners meet again about controversial San Luis Valley water project
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USDA Wants Farmers to Increase Double-Cropping
via The Food Institute
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Organic farming finds its niche: Boulder County remains proving ground for healthy, pesticide-free production
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Recent Grain Chain Map Additions

Inspirational organizations we've recently added to our Grain Chain database and map.
Brown Butter Bakeshop
Timnath, Colorado
Made with a little love, local ingredients, And brown butter.Eat well. Travel Often.
Added March 21st, 2023
Bread and Baklava
Longmont, Colorado
These recipes originate from the healthy Mediterranean diet, with olive oil, natural yeast, walnuts, clarified butter and cinnamon. Sourcing organic and local ingredients whenever possible is a priority for good taste, good health, and our environment. 
Added March 13th, 2023
Manresa Bread
Los Gatos, California
Bakery, Miller
Fresh-milled flour is at the heart of what we do. It's easy to open up a bag of flour, but we believe the nuanced flavor, balanced sweetness, and greater nutrition makes the extra step worth it.
Added December 15th, 2022
A & J King Artisan Bakers
Salem, Massachusetts
Jackie and Andy King met at the New England Culinary Institute, after which they moved to Portland, ME to pursue their careers in baking. After training at the Standard Baking Co., they decided to move to the North Shore of Massachusetts to try their hand at the bakery business. A
Added October 1st, 2022
Spruce House Bread
Centennial, Colorado
When made the way your ancestors made it, bread is more flavorful and easier to digest. That’s why we do what we do.
And when your ingredient list is as short as ours, having high quality and fresh sources is incredibly important. That’s why we seek out local and organic ingredients whenever possible.
All our breads are (currently) hand mixed and shaped by Jeff Nixon at his home in Centennial, CO
Added September 25th, 2022