What Is Daily Grains?

Daily Grains started out as a website that explored regional efforts by farmers, millers, bakers, brewers, researchers, distillers, chefs, maltsters, advocates, and others to rebuild regional grain economies across the nation. We gathered and curated information about all of the organizations and people involved in these movements. Our initial goal was to expose more people within every part of these regional "grain chains" to each other and the ongoing work across the country.

As of June 2022, Daily Grains became the home for our soon-to-launch cottage bakery. As a bakery, we plan to source as many regional grains and local ingredients as possible, so the underlying mission of helping bolster our own local food system will always be a part of what we do.

There is a lot to learn on both the bakery and food systems fronts, and we are just getting started. If you want to follow us on our educational and networking journey, come back to the site often or sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates on the progress we make on launching our bakery and information we uncover on the rebuilding of regional food systems.

What is a "Grain Chain"?

In short, a grain chain is made up of all the people and organizations that get the regional whole grain products you eat (or drink) on a daily basis from seed all the way to your table. You probably cannot get all of your grains locally right now, but the goal is to make that more of a reality. These grain chain movements are part of a larger effort to build regenerative, regionally-based food economies that move away from commodity-based crops grown and shipped from afar. Because many Americans live far away from where their grain is grown, this often requires rebuilding an infrastructure that disappeared in the early 20th century.

As we deliver and organize the information on this site, we will attempt to present it in a manner that logically fits into one of the "links" in the grain chain. As a reference, the Artisan Grain Collaborative has put together an illustration that offers an excellent overview of the many parts of a common grain chain.

What is this all about and who is behind it?

The original research data behind the Daily Grains website emanate from a custom research database application that started as a product developed by our software company, Novel Interactive. But this site is now more than just that. What you will find here is the information we discover on a daily basis shared as articles and small posts, all of which are connected within our database. You can click on the people, organizations, and tags to the right of any News Feed article learn more about what you’ve read in that article.

Daily Grains, is owned and operated by Ashley Overstreet and Paul Bonneville. If you want to learn a more about us, just scroll down the page.

Meet the Team

Ashley Overstreet

Co-Founder & Baker, Daily Grains

"If you're in a good profession, it's hard to get bored, because you're never finished — there will always be work you haven't yet done."

Julia Child

I moved into tech during grad school when I realized that turning on the projector was the most tech-savvy thing my teaching involved. Since then, I have taught digital media, earned my chops at a small software company, and worked at larger agencies before cofounding Novel. In working for businesses large and small, I have experience in marketing, copywriting, team and project management, and software testing. I consider myself a strong communicator with a focus on building relationships, setting realistic expectations, and delivering quality work. I’m excited to work on Daily Grains because it combines my digital experience with some of my analog interests: whole-grain sourdough baking, backyard wheat growing, and recipe development.

Paul Bonneville

Co-Founder, Daily Grains

"I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do."

Steve Jobs

I consider myself a well-balanced solution architect and developer who can bridge the gap between the creative and technical disciplines of web & mobile application development, with a focus on efficiency and reusability in everything I do. My background in full-stack web development, mobile applications, cloud computing and connected devices serves as a solid base for my approach to digital solutions. This contributes to a more wholistic business systems application architecture that, in turn, leads to more efficient and effective digital products.