Why is a bakery providing digital services?
Several years ago, we developed a web application (one of the owners is still a full-time software engineer) to assist with our research on emerging grain chain movements across the country.
We also used the same application to help track information on various micro-bakeries we came across as part of a research process we used while working towards starting our own bakery. Our goal for the bakery included using regionally sourced grains, which ultimately led us to connect with the Colorado Grain Chain.

Our partnership with the Colorado Grain Chain evolved into developing and managing their website by leveraging that Grain Exchange Platform web application we'd been using for our own purposes. This platform now combines a Content Management System with an extensive database, which can be tailored to suit the specific knowledge management needs of various organizations. 

For the Colorado Grain Chain, besides managing their website, the platform has a core objective of helping facilitate the expansion of local grain markets by connecting farmers with grain buyers online.
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