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Douglas County commissioners meet again about controversial San Luis Valley water project

via The Colorado Sun
Posted September 22, 2022 8:46 pm by Paul Bonneville
I'll admit I don't have all the facts, but on its face, this water project seems out of sync with the reality of the water situation in the San Luis Valley.

...The project from Renewable Water Resources, or RWR, proposes pulling 22,000 acre-feet of water per year from the San Luis Valley, permanently drying up wells in the area, and transporting the water to Douglas County...

...Residents and water districts from the valley, along with politicians and leaders throughout the state, have been strongly against the project, saying there is no extra water to remove from the valley and that the project would irreparably damage the region’s agricultural community. 

I'm interested in this specifically due to the fact that there are some small grain growers down in the valley that are contributing to the revival of our regional grain chain.

That, and another article I posted a while back that shares the other side of the story: A 150-year-old San Luis Valley farm stops growing food to save a shrinking water supply. It might be the first deal of its kind in the country

Doesn't quite seem to add up.
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