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A 150-year-old San Luis Valley farm stops growing food to save a shrinking water supply. It might be the first deal of its kind in the country
via Colorado Public Radio
Posted July 26, 2022 10:30 pm by Paul Bonneville
These stories about the water issues out here in the western part of the country are part of a sad reality. The Colorado Grain Chain just finished hosting an educational event out in the San Luis Valley this past weekend, so this headline stuck out to me.

To restore a balance of supply and demand, farmers and ranchers across the valley need to drastically cut how much water they pump out of the ground, according to the Colorado Division of Water Resources. If they don’t, the state has threatened to step in and shut off hundreds of wells, which local water managers say would devastate the valley’s agriculture-driven economy. 

As to why I keep posting these types of articles: I'm tracking these stories as part of research we're doing for sourcing local and regional grains for our bakery out here in Colorado.
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