Black Cat Organic Farm
Farm Miller Small Grains Grower
Jill and Chef Eric Skokan have created a 425 acre, Certified Organic vegetable farm located just outside of the city that now supplies the bounty of their restaurants, Dinners at the Farm, CSA’s, and Boulder Farmers’ Market Booth. At Black Cat Organic Farm, we grow 250+ heirloom and heritage cultivars that range from some of the old regional classics to the exotics.  Because we harvest at the farm every day, we select varieties for flavor, not for storage and transportation which is all too common these days.

We grow, seed clean and mill our own grains: Organic Polenta Corn, Wallis Rye, Einkorn, Buckwheat, Khorasan, Hard Red, Lentils, and Kernza perennial wheat. 
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