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Here we share the ongoing market research we are doing for our bakery as well as work being done regional grain economies (so we can source as much locally as possible). These mini-posts represent some of our homework and inspirations that help guide some of our business decisions. We aggregate news from dozens of sources on a weekly basis.

No-Till Practices Can Help Boost Farmland Value

via Modern Farmer
Posted September 11, 2022 10:03 pm by Paul Bonneville
Good timing on this brief piece from Modern Farmer. I'm reading (ok, listening to) What Your Food Ate by David Montgomery which goes really deep into the soil, and its ecosystem, that our food grows in. No-till farming is a core piece of regenerative farming, which is the practice of farming focused on rebuilding soil health and fertility. Fascinating stuff.

Conventional tilling practices involve farmers making multiple passes over a field, first to till the soil and then to plant seeds. By contrast, no-till practices eliminate the first step, and farmers plant seeds in fields without tilling. As a result, the land is left with crop residue after harvest. No-till farming is considered the more environmentally friendly option, as it requires less fuel and soil disturbance. The research showed that untilled land has lower rates of soil erosion and less nutrient runoff when compared to conventionally tilled land.

Why would a bakery be so focused on farming and farming practices? We mill our own flour and are buying grains from farms as local as possible to help support and grow sustainable food systems in our region.
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