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The Modern Épicerie: France’s Corner Store Gets a Revival
via Eater
Posted July 28, 2022 10:37 pm by Paul Bonneville
When I think about what we want an eventual Daily Grains storefront to become, this article about a revival of épicerie's in France (think smaller specialty grocer stores with local goods) has a line that really resonates with me:

The épicerie is firmly grounded in brick-and-mortar tradition, gaining customers not through novelty or Instagrammable branding, but by reviving the regional culinary know-how and personal relationships with farmers and customers that empowered épiciers of the past.

I'm not saying we want a specialty grocery store, we are building a bakery to be clear, but it is how I'd like us to go about getting customers. We really want to build a space for community as much as the bread 😊.
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